Free Advice – General Feng Shui Q & A

I have decided to provide this free service to any readers of this blog.

So… what’s the catch?

No catch. I am doing this because I just felt that the quality of some of the Feng Shui advice given freely on the Internet ranges from the silly to the downright ridiculous and I am hoping to help people using Classical Feng Shui methods before they waste time and money on erroneous advice.

By the way, if you want privacy, please say so in your question as I may post the question and solution on my blog otherwise, ok?

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  1. I am a female with Gua no. 2 . which is good side for me to face at work .. n also the bad side please.

  2. I apologise for the late reply.

    Your good directions as a gua 2 person are :
    from best to good : northeast, west, northwest & southwest. So your best facing direction is towards the northeast.

    Your negative directions are:
    from bad to worst : east, southeast, south & north. As much as possible try not to stand or sit for long periods of time facing these directions, especially north.

    Note it is not so much the work cubicle but the direction of your work desk, or rather where your body is facing when you are sitting down that is important.

  3. On the surface I seemed not to have any fire element in my bazi but according to someone there is fire element. It’s just that I need a good guide to light up this fire so I can prosper.

    Do you think you can help and take a look?

    Frankly at this point of time I can’t afford at all to engage any master to have a proper reading. So was wandering around cyberspace hopefully to look for an answer or a solution to my dire straits problem and I happened to bump into your blog. After reading your writing I took up the courage to ask you for help. I hope you can shed some light on my bazi and if I do manage to get out of my dire situation I would donate to you or some good cause. Of course it’s no obligation on your part to give me a free reading but I would like to thank you very much in advance just for reading this.

    My bazi is :

    Jia (Yang wood) – Zi(Rat)Yang Water (Hour)
    Wu (Yang Earth) – Shen(Monkey)Yang Metal (DM)
    Geng(Yang Metal)- Shen(Monkey)Yang Metal (Mth)
    Gui(Yin Water) – Mao(Rabbit)Yin Wood (Year)

  4. Hi,

    At first glance you do not have fire elements anywhere in your natal chart so you will have to take advantage of the fire element externally. eg either from the month, annual or 10 year luck pillar. You said you are in dire straits. I will hazard a guess and assume it is financial? From your chart, you should not have a problem finding a job. In order for me to help you, is there something else more about your situation you would like to share with me? If you feel this way is too public we can communicate by email (, as most of my readers do.

    By the way this year you are in “conflict” with the year’s Tai Sui so things might be a little tough going for you.

  5. Hi Stanley,

    Thanks for responding to my post. I’m fine letting others to read my problems publicly as long as I do not reveal my name and email.

    Currently I owned a small business together with a partner but it’s hardly making head way as debtors are not paying up their monies. Also the business I’m in is too exclusive which the retailers are taking advantage of me and the current market situation. I’m so stress out that I even develop hypothyroid!

    Truth to be told two years back I wanted to start a different business but my partner (He is also my boyfriend) instead of heeding my advice took his brother’s advice who was just an employee of our company to embark on this current business which I knew then wasn’t going to do well!

    So now even after two years the business is still slogging on which pisses me off greatly.

    You mention I’m in conflict with Tai sui this year is because of my day master and month yeah?

    Yes, I know is wishfulthinking on my part but I really wish I can win some money to tie me over this financial crisis.

    Thanks for your help Stanley

  6. Hi,

    I’m curious as to what business are you currently invested in that is “too exclusive” till your retailers can take advantage of you? It is my understanding that the more exclusive you are, the more control you have.

    That aside, your chart indicates that you should be in the “creation” business which can be artistic, a maker of original products or a writer, etc.

    Also you will need to watch your spending, be flexible and not be stubborn to change. Do you have the tendency to stay in talk-mode than take immediate action?

    By the way 2 years is a short time to see any appreciable results. The first 3-4 years for any new business are always the toughest. So planning and patience are essential.

    Yes, you are right your month and day pillar is in conflict with this year’s Tai Sui.

    Personally I recommend you take a look at your home and shop feng shui too to get a complete picture. 🙂

  7. Hi Stan,

    Apology for the late reply as was not in the best of mind to put down any words.

    About my ‘exclusive’ business, well it’s really exclusive as not many consumers use it and for those who use it they have far too many choices to choose from and the retailers will use it as a bargainning chip to wring us out dry and proper.

    Anyway it’s not really two years into this business, it’s more than two years but for conversational I didn’t put in exactly the duration.

    You mention about look at my home fengshui, well, this is not my own house as merely renting it. The main door facing is at South 200 degree (not directly) which I know is not my direction. (My Ming kua is 8 which is SW direction)

    As you know most of Singapore HDB was built in such a way that the buildings are always sandwiched inbetween and thus they have trees in front and back of the blocks. Happens I’m on the third floor so, I have a tree right in front of my main door facing and one tree behind the kitchen facing NOrth 20 degree.

    My bedroom is situated on West to NW side and my bed is placed on this side as well.

    Frankly, my house is not in an ideal position but I’ve to make do with it as it’s a rented place as I can’t afford to buy my own.

    I’m not artistic but I do like writing as it gives me the freedom to express myself. When I was in school I can draw and paint but ever since leaving school I’ve not lift up a charcoal chalk or a paintbrush anymore.

    What I would want to do is start up another business but that takes money and that is the major problem in my life.

    Yea, my luck pillar said I would start to see growth when I’m 52 but it would be an uphill task for me and I wonder I can wait until 52.

    Is there anything you can see in my Bazi that can help me with my financial woes?

    Thank you Stan. Appreciate your time and effort to help me out 🙂

  8. Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply as I just come back from a trip.

    I’ve been thinking, to be of any real help to you, it would be better to speak to you in person. It would not be practical to do a proper consult in this blog. Would you like to come for a reading?

    We can discuss your business direction, whether it is in your interest to change or to carry on. If to carry on what you would need to do. Personality-wise, what you need to do, what you need to avoid doing, to improve your situation. Considering your financial situation, it will only be a token sum of $50 for the reading. Typically a session lasts about 2 hours but sometimes longer depending on the number of questions you may have.

    In the meantime, just make sure the head board of your bed is pointing either the northwest, west or northeast and you sit facing either of these directions when you are working.

  9. Hi Stan,

    If I enter my bedroom and walk straight on, I will come to the top half of my bed. Is this very bad fengshui? The bed is placed there because the location and the facing are the best for me.

    Thanks in advance for your advice. Please don’t publish my email address and name. I don’t mind the question being published.

  10. Hi Stanley

    Me and my wife just purchased a home and both of our gua number is 2 and 6 respectively and both of us are in the West Group. We just purchased a house sitting NW facing SE which in our minds are ok based on general Feng Shui. It also had other non fengshui qualities which suited us ie price, renovations etc which neednt us to spend much more besides some touch up works. After all paperwork is done, we then sat down a drew up the 8 mansions plan only to determine that the main door is sitting in the Jue Ming sector! We did a check prior to purchasing the house for any external conflicts ie lamp post, bends/corners/ t junction/ mirrors/beams & pillars and all are OK.

    Will this (the main door in the Jue Ming) cause a problem to us?

  11. Hi,

    Having Jue Ming at the main door does not automatically make it bad. My current house has a Jue Ming at my main door too. 🙂

    No, nothing bad will happen so long there’s no negative or adverse external features in front of of your main door so there’s nothing to worry about. One question though, your main door does not open in the direction of North or South does it?

  12. Hi Stanley, I’ve been reading your blog and like the fact that you are up front and don’t dish out a lot of the marketing, commercialism, or BS that other so called Feng Shui Masters push onto unsuspecting people looking for answers or clarification.

    My question is more general. In regards to a Bazi reading, what if a person doesn’t know the exact time they were born? I was born in a refugee camp, so I didn’t have a birth certificate or any documentations of my birth. Though my parents assure me the date of my birth is accurate, they can’t even recall if I was born in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Will not knowing the exact time of birth drastically affect a Bazi reading, or make it inaccurate?

    Would love to know your thoughts (or that of your wife, if you consult her) on this.


  13. hello,
    is television a water feature ? if yes, then i am having a lcd television on my wall on the right of my main door (from inside looking out), behind the wall is our bathroom and there is a loft above it which is having a water storage tank above it with doors for it so that guests sitting in the living room cannot see it. in short, there is a tv and above that the water tank behind wooden decorative door.
    the wall is 9 feet, tv is at 3 feet and the water storage tank is at 8 feet.
    please advice.
    thanking u in advance

    thanking in anticipation

  14. Hi,

    The tv is not a water feature but I will assume you are not talking about a physical water feature but whether the tv has any effect in activating the qi of the sector. 🙂

    In short, the answer is yes if your tv is left on for long periods of time, especially if the volume is loud. But whether it is beneficial or harmful will depend on the quality of the qi where the tv is located. By the way, having actual water of either side of the main door is ok. It is not true that water on the right would make the husband unfaithful. There is no basis in this belief and it has no roots in Classical Feng Shui other than mere superstition.

    I hope this is the answer you are looking for. 🙂


  15. Hi,

    I have cubicle sitting arrangement at my work place. i never get appreciated for my work, no matter how hard i work. i always has dispute with my immediate boss and that is even effecting my upraisals.

    I am sitting at the last cubicle with firm wall behind me. i sit facing North-East.
    Entrance to my Cubicle is to my Left when i sit on my chair facing NE.
    Extactly in front of my Entrance we have a Pantry cum water storage room. it is basically used for Washing food plates and water storage.
    I will not be able to change my seat. Please help me!!!!!!!!

  16. Hi Pradeep,

    Please refer to my other article about improving your office feng shui by clicking on this link.

    You will need to determine your Personal Gua Number and the good directions you can use to improve your situation. If possible try to sit facing your Yian Nian direction to tap into the auspicious energy that enhance and improve relationships.

  17. Hi Stanley, what should I do if I can’t change my seating position facing SE in 2012 and what if my bathroom is at SE with all tiled up in maroon colour? I’ve been under alot of financial stress since last year being swindled. My DoB is 1st February 1961,female. Please advice how to overcome. Thank you

  18. Everyone was saying li chun falls on 4 feb does that mean I can only put 2012 fengshui stuff on or after this day? If I put it before li chun does that mean I have to place new one fengshui stuffs again ? Also my bed head is facing se of the bed room does that mean the five yellow is there or just cure the five yellow at the living room ? Appreciated if you could help regards

  19. Hi Khoo,

    Although the 5 yellow is located in the SE in 2012, it’s ok to face the SE as that’s also one of your personal favourable directions and I am sure you do not spend hours in your bathroom so please do not be too concerned about that too. Overall, you will generally fare better this year than last year but I suggest getting your bazi looked at for 2012 yearly luck to get a better perspective of what to expect, what to avoid and when to take advantage of opportunities. If you are interested, kindly contact me or Esther at 9621-0363. Thanks. 🙂

  20. Hi Sally,

    Typically putting feng shui stuff on/after Li Chun is to cure or enhance the Annual Stars of the year. You can generally put feng shui stuff on any day you want according to your needs or the advise of your feng shui master. If you them before Li Chun it’s ok too. It’s ok to have the bed facing the SE so long as it’s one of your personal favourable directions. The 5 yellow Annual Star in the SE is more location-specific than direction-specific. This means curing the 5 yellow in your living room is more important than worrying about facing the SE. 🙂

  21. Hi Stanley,
    Thanks for the advice.

  22. Hi, need advise, my bazi does not have fire element, what can I do to rectify it ? I am born in 1962, 21 Sept . Gua 4. Thanks for any help you can provide. I do not seems to have luck with stock market.

  23. Hi Lina,

    Sorry for the late reply as I do not check this blog often as I have a new blog site here:

    If your bazi does not have fire element, it just means you have to be more mindful of what the fire element represents in your bazi chart. Wearing red clothes and eating spicy food DOES NOT HELP. 🙂

    As for your luck with the stock market, we have to take a look at your feng shui, bazi, as well as, how well you know the company that the stock you are investing in.

  24. Hi, my condo is missing a NW corner and a SW corner. The room facing NW is my bedroom with sliding door opening up to a balcony. And about the distance of 5 cars’ distance is another tall building with a white wall. I get plenty of light but no view. I have a feeling this white wall is reflecting/casting a lot of sunlight/heat on to our building. Good or bad, I don’t know. Anyway, how do you remedy these missing NW and SW corners. Ironically, my husband asked for a separation and met another woman shortly after. I can’t sell my house so what should I do. I also want him back and I am considering getting an amethyst crystal and a mystic knot. My first priority is to fix the missing NW corner. But do I need one object to remedy each thing. I am concerned about cluttering up with all feng shui objects that they will ultimately block the Qi or are there a couple of objects which can take care of all. Please advise, thank you so much!

  25. Hi Marie,

    Having both missing NW and SW corners are the worst possible combination for a home as the NW represents the father while the SW represents the mother. Having either of them missing means the person represented is often not around, physically or emotionally or both, among other things. In other words having a missing SW and NW will hurt both you and your husband.

    Unfortunately, the only way to truly and effectively remedy a missing corner is to put it back, literally. So it is not possible to fix a missing corner, especially if you are living in a high-rise apartment. There are popular placebo remedies on the internet that suggest putting up mirrors but in my years of experience it has never been known to work. The closest thing to a remedy that I can recommend is to “replace” the missing Qi. You do this by putting lots of metallic objects closest to the missing NW corner and lots of earthenware or ceramic objects (crystals will work too but they tend to be small and a lot more expensive) closest to the missing SW corner. By the way actual feng shui is about harmonizing the Qi of your environment and has very little or nothing to do with buying so-called feng shui objects. Mandarin ducks and mystic knots will not help improve your love life but the actual manipulation of the Qi will. 🙂

    Personally I recommend you activate your Personal Nobleman (to attract helpful people and benefactors), Personal Peach Blossom (to boost your own attractiveness and charisma) and avoid activating you Personal 6 Clash Sector (your personal negative zone in the house) or even better, get your house feng shui audited to correct all the negative sectors while enhancing the positive.

  26. Hi Stanley, thanks for your advice. I am pretty new to Feng Shui though I am aware of it, growing up as a Chinese. When you say a lot of metallic objects, do you mean the more the better? The NW side is a sliding glass door opening to the balcony with curtain drawn so I can put some floor-standing metal vases on the side of the curtain. Should I glue a metal object on the glass door? But then it is rather frequently used so the object which can only be a metal piece (sounds silly) has to be secured adhered. I can’t use mirror because it is a bedroom and you don’t recommend that either.

    When you said the actual manipulation of Qi works better than any objects, how do I do that? Like I said, I am new and I completely don’t understand your last paragraph.

    Personally I recommend you activate your Personal Nobleman (to attract helpful people and benefactors), Personal Peach Blossom (to boost your own attractiveness and charisma) and avoid activating you Personal 6 Clash Sector (your personal negative zone in the house)

    I want my husband back but I feel stuck because I can’t sell my apartment or add a corner. Help please!

    And btw, it is great of you to give advice only. Thanks for doing this!

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